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See new designs from Ohio’s furniture makers at the next Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market on April 2 & 3, 2024.

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Ohio Builders Leading the Way

A new federal law-the Sturdy Act-brings about updated safety standards for bedroom furniture.

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Crafting the future of fine furniture

Tastes change and styles evolve. But for our furniture builders, some things never waiver: attention to detail, advancements in design and a commitment to the success of our retail partners.

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It’s not just our trade, it’s our culture. Ohio’s Amish furniture shops are working together to strengthen our domestic supply chain and define new trends. For our community, a shared tradition is our shared opportunity.

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Inspire your customers with a new vision for their space. The Spring 2024 Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market promises a wide selection of pieces that are sure to capture any imagination.


April 2 & 3, 2024




The Market is now open!


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Take a look inside our past markets, and get ready for what’s shaping up to be our most diverse collection of American-made hardwood furniture to date!

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