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Ashery Woodworking

Ashery Woodworking

Ashery Woodworking, in business since 1988, owes its success to great customer support. We are grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years. Our range of occasional tables has now grown to 23 different styles. Additionally, we offer library tables, student desks, and benches that complement our occasional table sets. We also specialize in custom work for the occasional line and welcome new ideas from our customers. For more information and a free catalog, please contact us!

Bennie Troyer

Contact Information

Bennie Troyer

9628 Massillon Rd
Fredericksburg, OH 44624

[ P ] 330-275-8918

[ F ] 330-698-3200 (Attn: Ashery Wdwrking)

[email protected] (Attn: Ashery Wdwrking)

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Furniture Types

Living Room, Office



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See you Next Spring!


Inspire your customers with a new vision for their space. The Spring 2024 Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market promises a wide selection of pieces that are sure to capture any imagination.


April 2 & 3, 2024




The Market is now open!


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