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Most say they want American made furniture. Here’s why.

January 3, 2022

Most say they want American made furniture. Here’s why.

Supporting small businesses is the top reason that a majority of consumers say they prefer American-made furniture, according to a survey by business services firm CGS.


In a poll of 1,000 Americans, 54 percent were motivated by supporting the local economy, 43 percent were concerned about materials used in foreign manufacturing and 32 percent felt it was more cost effective. Just 13 percent cited the availability of unique/individual options as a reason to buy American.  


Overall, respondents stated a desire to shop locally for a variety of products. However, 82 percent of said they make their purchases online, primarily through platforms such as Amazon, versus 16 percent who visit a department store. 


Source: CGS 2021 State of the U.S. eCommerce Consumer Survey

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